Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Let's Make Money Webinar: Community Currency Training

At Value for People
By John Rogers

The next webinar series will take place from April 22 to May 20, 2010.
The first series attracted 10 participants from North America, Europe and Indonesia.
How will I benefit from Let's Make Money?

Participants receive:
# The complete course on DVD
# Networking and mentoring by other activists and developers
# Summary of the lessons learned from decades of experiments
# New approaches that can be applied immediately
# Chances to reflect on your role in local currency development
# Vision for new design possibilities
# Certificate of participation.

Course content
Week 1:
Around the world in local currencies: a guided tour.
Week 2:
Starting points for design: the community development process.
Week 3:
Designing a circulation system: pros and cons of different currency design features.
Week 4:
Operating environment: working with your local conditions for setting up a currency.
Week 5:
Putting it all together: revision of all materials and sharing of experiences and designs in progress.

Here's what some participants in the first series thought of it:

“Thanks, great course, excellent information not available anywhere else in the world. It's all the material I was looking for but could never find elsewhere on the Net. It lays out a very good plan of attack for anyone starting up, so I'll be using it privately here in Portland to help move ahead with our new currency."

Mark Herpel, Editor, Community Currency Magazine

“The ideas that helped me the most from your course were how to see a community currency as a system for matching underused assets to needs, how to set proper boundaries and the difference between governance and management issues.”

Otmar Donnenberg, Coordinator, Dreyecker, Baden Württemberg

"You have sifted an enormous amount of material, identified the key design variables and found a way of presenting these systematically so as to make them clear and accessible to others.

It was very valuable that you have been involved as a do-er and not just as a thinker and theoriser – you were able to speak with greater authority.

I enjoyed the light and humorous presentation style – it never became stodgy or self-important.

You were clearly driven by the desire to empower and facilitate rather than getting lost in your own rhetoric – you were continually checking in to see how we as students were doing."

Jonathan Dawson, Educator and Writer on sustainable community economy and part of the design team for Findhorn’s community currency, the Eko.

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