Thursday, March 4, 2010

Help Send the Network of Bay Area Worker Coops to the Social Forum

HELP SEND NOBAWC REPRESENTATIVES to the Social Forum in Detroit. June 22 – 26, 2010
The last USSF, in 2007, introduced worker cooperatives to thousands of participants from all over the country. Several NoBAWC members attended the 2007 Social Forum.
Today worker cooperatives have achieved favorable public recognition with Michael Moore’s Capitalism-A Love Story, the recent agreement with Mondragon and the US Steelworkers and with the recent worker co-ops established in Cleveland. More co-op projects are beginning in several cities across the country.
Many of the 20,000 activists expected to attend the Forum in Detroit will be looking for economic programs that empower local people.
Given this interest in cooperatives, an organization like NoBAWC, a truly unique institution – the largest network of worker co-ops in the U.S. – will interest social justice and environmental activists searching for positive alternatives.
To Quote from Social Forum website:
The USSF provides a space to build relationships, learn from each others experiences, share our
analysis of the problems our communities face and bring renewed insight and inspiration to social
movement organizations. Through the USSF process, grassroots groups, coalitions and networks build leadership and develop collective consciousness, vision and strategies needed to realize another world.
The USSF is our opportunity to demonstrate to the world that another world is possible.
For more info on the USSF, visit:

Please make checks payable to NoBAWC and in the memo please write USSF.
More info available. Short presentations at co-op general meetings possible.
Thank You,
"NoBAWC committee for Fundraising for USSF 2010"


  1. Opps!
    Address missing.... here it is:

    P.O. Box 24953
    Oakland, CA 94623

    Thank you! We are looking for small donations but lots of them.