Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Help Bring Community Currencies to the US Social Forum!

Hi Friends,

In an effort to grow the movement for community currencies at this crucial time, I am trying to fundraise to bring information about currencies and collaboration to the US Social Forum this June in Detroit. I have coordinated the following presentations through the US Solidarity Economy Network:
-Joaquim Melo founder of Banco Palmas Brazil, the most successful currency project to uplift the poor and spawn of 50 similar projects in Brazil with some support from the Brazilian Central Bank
-Myself, Mira Luna, the coordinator and founder of Bay Area Community Exchange and a regional time exchange, to present with other three other experts, workshops on an Community Currencies 101 and How to Design a Community Currency (w/ Chris Lindstrom of Berkhshares, Miguel Hirota of Online Currency Labs Japan, and John Rogers of Value for People)
- and Stephanie Rearick of Timebanks USA and Dane County Timebank on TimeBanking: A Model for Social and Economic Justice and Systems Change

Both Joaquim and I need financial support in order to get to the US Social Forum to do our presentations (we do not have any personal or organizational funds for this). I estimate I will need a minimum of around $600 for airfare and USSF fees and Joaquim will need around $1400. So I am trying to raise a minimum $2000 total. All donations are tax-deductible. To make an online taxable donation for currencies at the US Social Forum through our fiscal sponsor ISEC, go to Network for Good and enter “Bay Area Community Exchange USSF” on the designation line. To write a check, email mira@sfbace.org for details.

Thanks for supporting the movement for local, decentralized and participatory economies!

Much love,
Mira Luna

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  1. Jct: Good luck. I hope Joaquim, Mira and Stephanie have great success with an idea whose time has come.