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Barter and Cashless Trading Summit

Barter and Cashless Trading Summit, Sept. 22
Press Release: Steven Yoder, Saturday, February 27th, 2010

The International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA) announces Reaching The Stars: Uniting People & Standards In A Cashless Trading World,” a comprehensive barter and cashless trading conference to be held September 22nd — 25th 2005 at the Wyndham Palace Resort and Spa in Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, USA. Bernard Lietaer, author of The Future of Money: Creating New Wealth, Work, and a Wiser World, will deliver the keynote presentation.

The conference will bring together key members of the international commercial and corporate barter industry. The event will address the collaboration of different sectors of reciprocal trade with a key focus on conduct and standards and aims to promote increased collaboration between barter and other sectors of international reciprocal trade. Keynote speaker Bernard Lietaer will discuss barter as a growing trend for businesses, individuals and communities around the world.

A variety of panel discussions will expose attendees to the universe of reciprocal trade, covering topics including collaboration between various reciprocal trading organizations, and how proponents of barter, alternative currency and other cashless trading methods can more effectively reach the masses, including businesses, communities and individuals with the message of the power of alternative monetary means.

This conference is the first of it’s kind and includes everyone now affecting the world of barter and other emerging methods of non-cash business commerce,” says Krista Vardabash, IRTA Executive Director. The agenda will address the way businesses, communities and individuals think about money, transact money and prosper using different forms of money — or no money at all.

We feel that the time is right for IRTA to promote the collaboration of different philosophies, methods and approaches to cashless commerce. Technology and various economic dynamics worldwide are creating increased interest in alternative ways of doing business,” says Lois Dale, IRTA President, IRTA has a 25 year history of working on behalf of the barter industry. We feel we have a lot to offer and share as well as learn from the various models of barter around the world and other sectors of reciprocal trade. Our annual event is the ideal venue to make this happen”

IRTA is a non-profit organization of companies committed to promoting reciprocal trade, such as commercial barter, to businesses and communities worldwide. IRTA fulfills its purpose by uniting barter exchanges under a common Code of Ethics, promoting barter as a responsible form of commerce to the public, media, and government and sharing best practices and new trading opportunities to enhance growth and profitability of barter industry members.

For more information, registration and a full program schedule:

Reaching For The Stars”

Uniting People & Standards In A Cashless Trading World

September 23rd — 25th 2005

Wyndham Palace Resort & Spa


Orlando, Florida USA

Tel: 585-424-2940


Steven V. Yoder


415-294-4133 ph/fax 

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