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Update from JASEcon

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From Rick Simon of the JASecon Working Group
January, 2010

UPDATE from JASecon…

This end-of-year report arrives at a time of much distressing news – Copenhagen, Afghanistan, unemployment and corporate welfare sold as “health care reform” to mention just the most obvious items.

A response to the UN fiasco at Copenhagen follows the series of more hopeful reports regarding the grassroots economy.

We intended the Grassroots Festival to have both a local benefit and to serve as an example for other communities to replicate. With little funding and lots of networking across sectors we managed to have a day of conversation and planning that many participants found useful. We are in the midst of creating a short video of the Festival to make available to others to aid their efforts to bring together the grassroots economy in their communities. We will send out an alert when its finished.

Some folks in Seattle who began a discussion of their local economy found us via a Google search for “Grassroots Economy.” They call themselves JuSE, Just Sustainable Economy.

And recently a proposal for creating a “grassroots economy” in Philadelphia was posted on the Oil Drum website: Called the "Project For A Revolution In Philadelphia", the author makes the case for an accelerated urban energy transition.

And Michel Bauwens an advocate of the “peer-to-peer” economy and the director of the P2P Foundation - got in touch with JASecon. A great source of information on a variety of topics is updated daily on his blog.

JASecon outreach has extended to the upcoming US Social Forum to be held in Detroit June 22 – 26. One member of JASecon will be developing the complimentary currency section of the Alternative Economy track. Another member will be helping with the worker co-operative section and a third will be assisting with the development of the forum also.


The reams of analysis emerging from the Conference of Parties at Copenhagen (COP-15) this week will only grow in the weeks ahead and I don’t wish to add to the tonnage of speculations. However, one main point needs to be emphasized and, I believe, its repercussions understood by those of us who are actively assembling a grassroots economy: we have to choose sides. Read More.

JASecon working group.
January, 2010
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JASecon is an informal grouping of folks active in the social justice and worker co-op communities. Our goal is to facilitate communication amongst the activists developing economic alternatives in a variety of arenas. If you wish to join in please respond to We shall be publishing an e-newsletter quarterly and sending out alerts as appropriate. Please check our website for periodic updates:

BACE, a complimentary currency group that participated in the JASecon Festival is planning an event in SF called “Ignite Currency.” Tentatively scheduled for early March, this event will include an introductory film along with short presentations of various alternative currency projects.

US Fed of Worker Co-ops will be holding their national conference in SF in the Summer of 2010. JASecon is planning to do a workshop on the “Grassroots Economy” during the conference.

Urban Habitat has published its most recent issue of Race, Poverty and the Environment on the theme of "Climate Change: Catalyst or Catastrophe?" There are many good articles again in this issue.

The last weekend of February 2010, Urban Tilth will work alongside students, staff, and community members from Kennedy and Richmond high schools. Together, we will install an 8,000 square-foot farm on each campus. These school farms will give high school students in Richmond CA the capacity to grow more than 15,000 pounds of organic produce annually for our community. Visit the website for more info: 2 Farms in 2 Days.

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JASecon working group

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