Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bay Area Community Exchange Receives $60 Billion Anonymous Donation

In an amazing stroke of luck, Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE), received $60 billion in the form of an anonymous donation. Bay Area Community Exchange helps develop alternative currencies and educates the public about the economy and alternatives to the centralized monetary system in the San Francisco Bay Area. BACE did an end of year fundraising pitch, but “this was completely out of the blue,” said BACE’s coordinator, Mira Luna.

“The only thing I can think of is that the Gates Foundation had a change of heart after reading an earlier article in my blog, Trust is the Only Currency.” Luna mentioned in a piece entitled “All Power to the People: Changing the Economic Power Structure” that “Bill Gates, the wealthiest man in the world, is donating money to help eradicate infectious disease in Africa. I am all for helping out Africa, but I question whether or not Bill Gates, a privileged white man from the USA, is the best person to be deciding the fate of Africa. And this is not wealth redistribution, it is funding specific charitable organizations handpicked by the Gates Foundation.” Luna thinks perhaps Gates might have had an epiphany during a rumored DMT trip at Burning Man that made him realize wealth should be more equally and democratically distributed.

However, the total assets of the Gates Foundation are only approximately $35 billion so where would the other $25 billion come from? Perhaps Gates spun Ellen Brown’s idea and decided to create his own Gates state bank with Gates money, which everyone would likely accept anyway since the Gates Foundation has more money than over 120 countries or at least had until the donation. Wait the Gates don’t have their own government yet?! Well, we are certainly going to investigate where the money came from. There are laws about these sorts of things...or so we hope.

BACE is trying to decide whether or not to accept the donation and use it to fund the development of thousands of local currency projects across the globe since you don’t really actually need much money to create a local currency, you just make your own money. That’s the whole point!

(Editor's Note: The above story is fictional in case you are a lawyer for the Gates Foundation.)

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