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Announcing the Economics of Happiness Conference 2013: Australia

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Announcing the Economics of Happiness Conference 2013
Take part in the growing localisation movement!
Join amazing thinkers, visionaries, and activists from around the world at ISEC’s upcoming

March 15-17, 2013
Byron Bay, Australia
Building on the success of our first international Economics of Happiness Conference, held last March in Berkeley, California, ISEC is hosting a second conference in Byron Bay, Australia.
Through an interactive program of plenary sessions, workshops, and social and creative time, participants will have a rare opportunity to learn from and share with some of the foremost leaders in the worldwide localisation movement.  The conference also offers the chance to make new connections, build on current projects and find new inspiration.
For more information and to register for the conference:

This event will bring together a unique international group of speakers, each one acclaimed for their vision, activism, wisdom, and leadership.  These include:
Helena Norberg-Hodge (Australia), founder of ISEC, author of Ancient Futures and producer of The Economics of Happiness.

Vandana Shiva (India), physicist, feminist and author of Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability and Peace.*

Bill McKibben (USA), founder of 350.org, author of The End of Nature and Deep Economy.*

Michael Shuman (USA), economist, author of Local Dollars, Local Sense and one of America’s leading localists.

Charles Eisenstein (USA), de-growth activist, author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics.

Winona LaDuke (USA), renowned American Indian activist, former Green Party US vice-presidential candidate.

Manish Jain (India), coordinator of Shikshantar: The Peoples’ Institute for Rethinking Education and Development, leading critic of conventional schooling.

Mark Anielski (Canada), economist, author of the award-winning book, The Economics of Happiness: Building Genuine Wealth.

Donnie Maclurcan (Australia), co-founder of the Post Growth Institute, author of Nanotechnology and Global Equality.

Ijeoma and Adebayo Clement Akomolafe (Nigeria), co-founders of Koru, a trans-local network of cultural creatives in Nigeria who believe another world is possible.

Christian Felber (Austria), author of best-selling books, leading theoretician of the Common Welfare Economy.

Anwar Fazal (Malaysia), Right Livelihood Award winner, founder Baby Food Action Network and Pesticide Action Network.

Hwang Daekwon (South Korea), author who inspired millions in Korea when he emerged from years of unjust imprisonment with a vision of peace based on a deep connection to nature.

Anna Rose (Australia), writer, environmentalist, co-founder of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition.

Carol Black (USA), alternative education activist, writer, director, producer of the acclaimed film Schooling the World: The White Man’s Last Burden.

Devinder Sharma (India), journalist, author of In the Famine Trap and Keeping the Other Half Hungry.

Junko Edahiro (Japan), activist, journalist, author Beyond ‘Eco’: How to Make a Happy Future, and A Way Out of the Energy Crisis.

Dave Rastovich (Australia), founder of Surfers for Cetaceans, alternative role model for millions of young people.

Wasif Rizvi (Pakistan), a leading voice in Pakistan on religion and indigenous philosophies, and their influence in shaping social, political and economic processes.

Pracha Hutanuwatr (Thailand), Deputy Director of the Right Livelihood Foundation, a leading practitioner of Engaged Buddhism.

Richard Neville (Australia), futurist, author of Footprints of the Future and Amerika Psycho.

Keibo Oiwa (Japan), author, anthropologist, environmentalist, founder of the Sloth Club, Japan’s leading ‘slow life’ environmental group.

Kerrianne Cox (Australia), award-winning first Australian singer and songwriter, Chairperson of Beagle Bay Community.

Benjamin Villegas (Colombia), chef, restaurant owner, promoting local food and farming.

James Skinner (UK), board member New Economics Foundation, owner of R&D companies promoting clean and renewable energy.
* via live Internet feed.

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit http://www.byroncentre.com.au/whats-on/details/274?xref=448

Or contact us at conf2013@theeconomicsofhappiness.org


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