Friday, September 21, 2012

CA Signed Homemade Food Bill

Thank you so much for all your help! I feel so lucky to have worked with such a passionate state-wide team of homemade food enthusiasts. We at the Sustainable Economies Law Center are so excited for all the opportunities that will soon be open to the small food justice enterprises we support. And I can't wait to start buying homemade food! The law will go into effect in January. You can download a copy of the full bill here. Email me if you want a copy of the press release from Assemblymember Mike Gatto's office. A summary of the bill will be available at later this weekend. We're sorry it's unavailable right now--we have some much delayed maintenace happening to the site right now, and we had no idea today would be the day for AB 1616! SELC is planning to create a legal resource guide to answer some of the frequently asked questions that come up from aspiring food producers interested in taking advantage of this new law. We also plan to work with county health departments around the state to make sure that this law gets properly implemented. We're looking to raise another $500 - $1000 in the next week to support this work so if you're able to make a donation it would be much appreciated by SELC and homemade food enthusiasts around the state. You can donate here or if you would prefer to donate a non-potentially hazardous homemade food product to SELC to auction off at our celebration and fundraiser in Berkeley in November, contact me about sending us a jar of your jam or a package of dried goods. Finally, let's keep in touch! If you are receiving this email, that means we've added you to SELC's food-related email list that we send updates to at most once per month. If you do not wish to receive news about other SELC food-related projects you can unsubscribe yourself by clicking the link at the bottom of any of those newsletters. No hard feelings. We did it!! Christina Oatfield PS--we don't want to overwhelm his offices with phone calls, but you can contact Assemblymember Mike Gatto (D-Los Angeles) through his website. If you feel compelled to do so, I'm sure he and his staff would appreciate receiving a few thank you notes for all their work on this bill. They really made this bill a priority and devoted a ton of time to it, including doing their absolute best to keep it from getting suffocated in red tape.

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