Saturday, October 8, 2011

Incubating Worker Coops on a Shoestring with Timebanks

Incubating Green Worker Coops on a Shoestring with Timebanks
Habra Traduccion en Espanol
Tues, Oct 11, 5-7pm
PODER, 474 Valencia #120

Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels of hOur World and the most prolific Timebank in the US - Hour Exchange Portland have been developing green worker coop microenterprises and community projects for many years on a shoestring using Timebanks to provide the social capital. Their home weatherization program renovates 1000 low income homes per year in Portland, Maine and trains unskilled workers for high paying green worker coop jobs. Join us for a revolutionary presentation on how to create empowering jobs from the bottom up. Free and open to the public, please distribute this announcement widely. For more info, contact

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