Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Oklahoma Worker Cooperative Network Announces Fall Tour

Worker Cooperative Incubator Starts Operations - Plans 9 Meeting Tour of Central Oklahoma - "A Better Way to Go to Work"

The Oklahoma Worker Cooperative Network is a new organization that will help Oklahomans start worker-owned cooperatives.

"Worker owned cooperatives are local solutions to global problems," said Matthew Jordan, OWCN board member. "By encouraging the development of worker cooperatives, we can recession-proof our economy. The Mondragon worker cooperatives of Spain created 100,000 jobs and have never laid off an employee for economic reasons in 60 years of work," he added.

Oklahoma Worker Cooperative Network Announces Fall Tour
"The OWCN will develop and support worker coops by building public awareness and helping people work through the steps of starting a business. We will take participants from the initial idea, to writing the business plan, funding options, and operational management," said Bob Waldrop, general manager.

Board member, J.D. Thompson added, "Oklahomans are an independent breed, but we know the power of working together, as well as the value of self-reliance -- and worker cooperatives are the best way to achieve both."

The OWCN has an Advisory Committee, which includes community leaders such as Oklahoma City Councilman Ed Shadid, Oklahoma Senator Andrew Rice, and Dr. Phil Kenkel of OSU.

"We are kicking off our program with a 'Better Way to Go to Work' tour of central Oklahoma. These nine free workshops will explain what worker cooperatives are and how they can benefit Oklahomans," says OWCN board member Paul Wellman.

Using solidarity as a business model, the Oklahoma Worker Cooperative Network can teach people how to create good jobs for themselves, their families, and their friends, gain job security, drive economic development that benefits workers, protect families from economic insecurity, help workers gain more control over their lives and destinies, and help people find more fun, enjoyable, and profitable ways to work. We are growing an economy of solidarity, one worker-owned job at a time.


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