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Slow Money 3rd National Gathering Oct 12-14

Slow Money 3rd National Gathering Oct 12-14, San Francisco
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The program of Slow Money National Gatherings integrates internationally recognized thought leadership, next generation social entrepreneurship, and an environment that fosters shared learning across the full spectrum of backgrounds—from the most sophisticated financiers to individual investors, from farmers to food entrepreneurs.

Given the centrality of food to our mission, all meals feature the best offerings of local organic purveyors. Meals are generously scheduled to offer as much time as possible for food to be enjoyed and for a bit of the conviviality of the table to be experienced.

The program also includes elements of film, music, and Meet the Author sessions, because fixing the economy from the ground up is not only a financial activity, but also a cultural one.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011
9:00 am OPENING REMARKS Woody Tasch
9:30 am KEYNOTE David Suzuki
11:00 am KEYNOTE Vandana Shiva
12:00 pm LUNCH
1:30 pm BREAKOUT SESSIONS Featuring case studies, education, best practices, and more (see below)
3:15 pm KEYNOTE Wes Jackson
4:00 pm TOWN HALL MEETING Roundtable discussion with Wes Jackson, Vandana Shiva, Premal Shah, and others. Moderator: Simran Sethi
Simran Sethi Wes Jackson Vandana Shiva Premal Shah
5:30 pm OPENING RECEPTION Food, music, and networking
7:00 pm FILM
Thursday, October 13, 2011
9:00 am WELCOME MESSAGE Cathy Berry
9:05 am SPECIAL ADDRESS Leslie Christian
9:25 am SPECIAL ADDRESS Melissa Bradley
9:45 am ENTREPRENEUR SHOWCASE Two dozen food entrepreneurs from across the United States, selected by members of the Slow Money network, for the quality of their vision and their business acumen, present investment opportunities.
12:00 pm LUNCH
3:15 pm BREAKOUT SESSIONS Featuring case studies, education, best practices and more (see below)
5:00 pm TOWN HALL MEETING Bonnie Rukin Tim Crosby Grant Abert
6:00 pm SPECIAL ADDRESS David Montgomery
7:00 pm FARM-TO-TABLE DINNER A sit-down celebration of all that we have come together to support, catered by the award winning Back to Earth Organic Catering
Friday, October 14, 2011
9:00 am OPENING REMARKS Woody Tasch
9:05 am SPECIAL ADDRESS Chris Martenson
9:25 am SPECIAL ADDRESS Kat Taylor
10:15 am SLOW MONEY ANNUAL MEETING Slow Money Annual Meeting: report from the Chairman, regional reports, membership campaign, and other governance matters
10:15 am BREAKOUT SESSIONS Featuring case studies, education, best practices and more (see below)
11:45 am BREAKOUT SESSIONS Featuring case studies, education, best practices and more (see below)
11:45 am SLOW MONEY ANNUAL MEETING (continued)
1:00 pm LUNCH
1:45 pm BREAKOUT SESSIONS Featuring case studies, education, best practices and more (see below)
3:00 pm SPECIAL ADDRESS Winona LaDuke
3:20 pm SPECIAL ADDRESS David Orr
4:00 pm CLOSING TOWN HALL MEETING Engagement & Reflection
Breakout Sessions - Wednesday, October 12, 2011
1:30 pm Investing in Small Food Enterprises:
How To
Marco Vangelisti Narendra Varma Ari Derfel Carol Peppe Hewitt
1:30 pm Slow Money Case Studies.
Slow Money regional leaders discuss their work.
Kelly Childs Michael Brownlee Scott Collier Derek Denckla
1:30 pm Mission-Related Investing:
Strategies for foundations to invest in small food enterprises.
Stuart Davidson Jeff Rosen
1:30 pm Sky Trust and Soil Trust:
New Intermediation that Protects the Commons
Peter Barnes Woody Tasch
1:30 pm A Fundraising 101 Primer.
For entrepreneurs who are new to venture financing. This session will cover the basics, including Business Plan, financial projections, and legal structure.
Julia Shanks
1:30 pm The Future of Money.
Local currencies represent the ultimate alternative to globalization. This panel will explore the role of local currencies in rebuilding local economies.
Chris Lindstrom Katrina Scotto di Carlo
1:30 pm Debunking Myths about GMOs
Vandana Shiva Debbie Barker
1:30 pm Food Sheds.
Hear from three leaders who are mapping local food and heightening public awareness about food sheds and sustainability.
Gary Nabhan Sibella Kraus Anthony Nicalo Michael Dimock
1:30 pm Financial Planning and Slow Money:
Where does Slow Money fit in your portfolio? Three investment managers give their perspective on Slow Money
Eric Becker Wendy Holding Matt Patsky
Breakout Sessions - Thursday, October 13, 2011
3:15 pm Show Me the Money:
Capital Opportunities for Businesses. Entrepreneurs have more financing options than ever before to raise capital for our businesses. But how can we choose which are a good fit for our businesses if we don’t know that half of them exist, much less how they work? In this session, finance industry experts will paint a picture of the ever-evolving capital markets landscape, identifying the many financing options available, from local versions of traditional debt and equity, to newfangled revenue sharing and crowdfunding models, and beyond. Designed for entrepreneurs seeking capital.
Ari Derfel Elizabeth Ü Jenny Kassan
3:15 pm Local Food Systems.
Studies of local food systems in Ohio and Vermont are receiving national recognition, promoting policy initiatives and new strategies for supporting small food enterprises.
Ellen Kahler
3:15 pm Giving Something Back:
New visions of corporate philanthropy.
Janie Hoffman Terry Kellogg Sean Marx
3:15 pm No Small Potatoes:
Slow Money Maine launched No Small Potatoes Investment Club. Slow Money Austin is also in the process of launching an investment club. How do they work?
Scott Collier Linzee Weld
3:15 pm Slow Money Circle.
Opportunity for investors with serious interest in the deals to connect with one another, compare notes, and explore opportunities for shared due diligence.
Woody Tasch
3:15 pm New Slow Money Funds
Jeff Rosen Janice St. Onge Craig Wichner
3:15 pm Sister NGOs:
Meet the leaders of other organizations that are playing key roles building local food systems and local economies.
Anna Smith-Clark Michael Dimock Alicia Harvie
3:15 pm Philanthropy and Food Systems
Oran Hesterman Susan Clark John Fisk
3:15 pm Slow Money Case Studies:
Hear from three entrepreneurs who have received Slow Money and one Slow Money investor.
Cathy Berry Mason Arnold Kelly Childs Narendra Varma
Breakout Sessions - Friday, October 14, 2011
10:15 am Trees:
Monetizing the role of forests in preserving and restoring soil fertility and providing ecosystem services.
Connie Best Bettina von Hagen
10:15 am Compost vs. NPK:
Companies that are Building the Soil.
Teddy Stray Jack Chambers
10:15 am Co-ops and the New Food Economy
Guillermo Payet Daniel Fireside Paul Cultrera
10:15 am CSAs: Is it capitalism? Is it socialism?
The role of community supported agriculture and local food systems. Is the rapid growth of CSAs over the past decade pointing towards a larger role in the food system?
Guillermo Payet Paul Muller Rebecca Calahan Klein
10:15 am Building Tomorrow\'s Local Food Systems:
Next generation food entrepreneurs share their vision and experience.
Brahm Ahmadi Nikhil Arora Paula Somoza Manalo
11:45 am Preserving Farmland:
Can significant new sources of capital, both for-profit and non-profit, be mobilized?
Constance Washburn Craig Wichner Ralph Grossi Jim Oldham
11:45 am Local Investing:
Place-based strategies and the future of social investing.
Leslie Christian Don Shaffer Joel Solomon
11:45 am Agriculture and Carbon Credits:
A lively discussion about the merits of biochar and carbon credits.
Lopa Brunjes
11:45 am Local Stock Exchanges.
LanX (Lancaster, Pennsylvania), the Hawaii exchange, and Toronto’s Social Venture Network are designing and implementing new ways to support the flow of local investment.
Trex Proffitt David Fisher
11:45 am From Food Access to Food Commerce – challenge to opportunity
Oran Hesterman Michel Nischan John Fisk
11:45 am Public Policy and Local Food Systems.
Initiatives at the state and federal level supporting the preservation and restoration of local food systems
Glenda Humiston Michael Dimock Jim Slama
11:45 am Meet the Authors
Nate Downey Kate Levinson
11:45 am Mission Markets:
An in-depth look at this innovative marketplace that connects investors, issuers and environmental credit buyers and sellers within the impact and sustainable capital markets.
Michael Van Patten

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