Friday, January 21, 2011


From Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

• Connect local businesses with local lenders, investors and donors.
• Earn a "living rate of return" while supporting the local economy.
• Create jobs by strengthening family farms, local manufacturing,
and independent business.

Monthly Webinars: Every first Tuesday, launching Feb 1, 10:00am PST/1:00pm EST

Full-day Intensive: June 14, Bellingham, Washington (opening day of the BALLE Business Conference)

First webinar on February 1st free!

Webinar Topic: Introduction to Community Capital Strategies and Solutions with Michael Shuman, BALLE Research & Economic Development Director and Don Shaffer, President & CEO of RSF Social Finance.

Following webinars will be free to BALLE network leaders, and at a discounted rate for BALLE network business members, RSF and Investors Circle investors, and members of either Slow Money or AEO.

Series Overview: As investors worldwide assess the damage from the most recent financial meltdown, a growing number are considering—for the first time ever—local options. With a new generation of local investment institutions and supportive public policies, literally trillions of dollars could move from Wall Street to Main Street and create millions of new jobs. What are the most promising new innovations to connect your local businesses with local lenders, investors, and donors? How can you earn “a living rate of return” while supporting your favorite businesses support local food, renewable energy, and independent retailers? What are the potential benefits for investing in your home, your own energy efficiency, and your family? This webinar series, which will run all year and include an all-day workshop before the BALLE Annual Business Conference in June, will review pioneering efforts around the country with respect to local banking, credit unions, slow-money investing, cooperatives, self-directed IRAs, local investing clubs, and local stock exchanges. It will explore how communities can better tap capital through New Markets Tax Credits, CDFIs, and various tax incentives. This series is aimed at community investors, instigators, organizers, foundations, innovative bankers, businesses looking for capital, and anyone else committed to unleashing local money to build local living economies.

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