Monday, December 21, 2009

Community Currency Internships

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Community Currency Internships

Job Description:
Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE) is offering 2-3 internship positions for the spring semester Jan-May. We ask that you commit to at least 10 hours of work (not including study time) for the entire semester, because projects that you take responsibility for may last for that duration at a minimum. Nonstudents who are not working full-time and out of town virtual internships may be considered. Once we have chosen the interns, we will go through a collective process of identifying which responsibilities are of most interest to you and how you can best support BACE. Our priority is to make sure you feel empowered in applying your skills and addressing your interests and goals. With that in mind, we have many needs as an all volunteer organization:

Currency project support
-please see for more details about our projects.
-project help can range from online currency platform building (especially with Ruby on Rails), community organizing, creating promotional materials, coordinating events, fundraising, and theoretical development, to much more.
-also, you can create a new currency as a thesis project

Educational Outreach and Event coordination
-currency conference in March
-coordinating and developing materials for educational events, including film screenings and powerpoint presentations
-US Social Forum currency section

Website development and tech support
-bringing BACE’s website to the next level
-improving public online participation

Grantwriting and other fundraising
-for BACE and/or its nonprofit projects

Bay Area Community Exchange (BACE) is a collaborative network that supports the development of alternative means of exchange in the San Francisco Bay Area. We provide research and development support, incubation of alternative exchange projects, and education to the Bay Area community about economic issues. Through our work with currency projects, we will create an economy that is more sustainable, just, and embedded in healthy community connections. To find out more about what community currencies are and why we think they are so crucial to creating social change, please visit the education section of We strive to be a democratic, collectively-run, and transparent organization to the extent that it is possible, while maintaining integrity, trust and efficacy in our work together towards our mission.

Compensation: As we are a new and currently unfunded organization, we cannot provide stipends at this time. However, you will learn a lot through well-supervised experience with currency experts and skilled activists, as well as designated readings and other educational materials. Given your level of capability and commitment, you may receive a lot of responsibility in areas you wish to develop. You will definitely NOT be stuffing envelopes and entering data. It will likely be a very interesting and exciting time in your life. However, working on projects with established alternative currencies may be able to pay stipends in their own currency.

Application: Please answer the questions below briefly and send them in a cover letter with a resume to heather (at ) References will likely be requested upon interview.


1. What is your interest in applying for this position, and in particular, why are you interested in currencies?

2. What skills would you have to bring to BACE given the needs listed above?

3. What are your strengths and challenges in working with others?

4. What do you wish to experience/achieve during these five months?

5. What is your level of commitment to other areas of your life and to a potential internship? How many hours a week could you contribute?

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